Friday, December 2, 2016

These two poems are by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, of Oakland, California at the time we published them, several years ago. They are not formatted exactly as they were in the mag when we originally published them. Go to the website at to view the original publication they were in and to see them in their full glory!

I really really liked this poetry very much.

lessons in excavation

for Sandra Maria Calvo & Maria Mazziotti Gillan

although it is true i have been "american" for six and four and three generations

i have been irish and german jewish and arab spanish and african far longer

my roots there in europe the middle east nord afrika and the mediterranean

(across an ocean twice traveled and even more removed)

are much deeper stronger thicker

than these mere branches thin and weak shallow

and overshadowing the ground upon which i was born

check the soil below they run for miles

those above their distance measured

in only feet and inches

(perhaps it is best this way)

in winter the leaves fall

the thin branches grow thinner gnarled and grey

matching the sky above indistinguishable

(to some the tree would appear dead)


there are still those of us

who know the truth of things

who know the benefits beyond shade

who know other ways of living beyond the grey

who know what lies beneath the surface and

who still dare

to dig

(previously published in The Hammer)

la lengua of love

for JV

my love for u es multilingue many-tongued washing

over u with each wave of appreciation this gift of

sharing u n yr body with me wetness n warmth

heat hot springs from the ocean floor always

returning wave upon wave of undulation

always finding ourselves on each

other's shores with no course

back nor wanting any

nor wanting any

(previously published in Mizna)

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